Identity In Emma Watson's Harry Potter

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Everyone needs and has an identity which is very unique. It displays the individual and makes us who we are, but what if someone tells us who we are, giving us an identity, not letting us find our inner, would we create another one and then be two different people or take this identity and build up on it? Emma Watson the teen actress of Harry Potter is an example of someone that was given an identity and who was mainly influenced by this fake identity.
She was given her identity by the harry potter books, as she displayed Hermione Granger since she was 10 years old. For 10 years was she in the role of her character; hardworking , clever, loyal, bossy, little know-it-all, book smart and level-headed, having no real influence on her life at all.
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Of course crazy in an exciting way and since that moment her identity was fixed for the next few years. She lived in a different world, a different mind, with a different family and different surroundings , making her into the person she is now. A wonderful, successful women who reached a lot in life and will for sure achieve a lot more extraordinary things in her life. One thing she has achieved is being a political figure due to the fact that she has become the UN Goodwill Ambassador on July 2014. People see her as a leader and strong women fighting for her rights. She shows people what impact one can make to the world and to never stop dreaming as dreams keep you going and sometimes bring you far in life. As a political figure and leader of a group she has responsibilities towards many people. Especially the people that look up to her and follow her footsteps. By being this figure for people she helps some to stay strong and to not give up, but actually, the character that does all this is not quite Emma Watson, it rather is a twin of Hermione Granger.
They have a lot in common but jet are so different , living in totally different worlds. Maby Emma still has the magic of the Hermione in her and shows it through all her passion and kindness. She helps so many people , leaving a trace of magic everywhere she goes, changing people's life

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