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I Am Malala
Racism was a discrimination against a race believing their race is superior. Black people were getting harassed by the white people because of their skin color. They were also separated throughout society . This brought about several movements in which Harper lee was the voice for these problems. Harper lee was a great impact on this world because of her book, her experience through the great depression, as well was the civil rights era.
Harper lee brought a light towards racial problems. For example ”You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb into his skin and walk around in it”(Shields,pg 164). This quotes talks about how people having a different skin tone will be
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This quote talks about the ways blacks were getting discriminated . all so at the same time civil rights movement was happening there was also a rise of white supremacist groups”white power movement which arose in reaction to the black power doctrines of the 1960s and 70s”(Jenkins,2016) This was also something that got in the way because the whites heard rumors that black lives did which were not true. Harper lee was the voice for this type of racial discrimination for the way blacks were getting racial …show more content…
There was also a part i really dont mention and that was that she was also vary carefree from what people thought of her she wasn't going to go out of her way to get someone to approve of her . Even though this wasn't the impact the had on the world she did leave an impact on me . Even up to this day blacks are still fighting against racial profiling. Harper lee's book to kill a mockingbird made it a step closer to end racism. In her book to kill a mockingbird she brings up the issues of black lives and the trials they went through all for

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