The Identity Of Canada Has Gone Through A Positive Way Essay

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Over the many years and wars that Canada has gone through. The identity of Canada has been shaped differently, from each of the topics that I have researched I believe that Canada 's identity has been shaped in a positive way. Dating back to when the women from Manitoba have shaped Canada 's identity they have greatly shaped it when they were able to win the right to vote in January 1916. Winning the right for women to vote was a great accomplishment for women 's rights in Canada. When the women began to vote equality began to grow in Canada and more men and women had equal rights. By the 1920 's women became more accepted in society as the time went by women were becoming more socially acceptable by men and by 1929 women were able to work jobs that men could only work. But before they got these rights women were not accepted as Persons which means that women were not considered a person when it came to court cases or getting a job and many other issues that affected their daily life. A woman named Emily Murphy who was part of the "Famous 5" ran for the Canadian rights for women, these 5 woman were all from Alberta and it included Nellie McClung, 2 Henrietta Muir Edwards, Irene Parlby, Louise McKinney, and Emily Murphy. During October 18, 1929 the Privy Council agreed that women are Persons and since 1979 we began…

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