The Ideas Of Right Verses Wrong Essay

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Around the year 470 BC, the ideas of right verses wrong have been a very influential factor in life and this started with Socrates who had the first initial thoughts of right and wrong, to Plato who then incorporated the mind and soul, and then to Aristotle who took science into account. Due to each one of these famous philosophers, we are somewhat able to understand why we have morals and ethics and what right from wrong truly is. Though, we will never know the full answer and truth, we can at least begin to understand right from wrong thanks to these philosophers and their many famous ideas. Socrates, who was one of the first philosophers starting his studies around the year 470 BC started to set a path for every philosopher to follow him and to add onto his ideas. He studied right versus wrong and believed that doing wrong was the result of ignorance and not because there was an intention of doing wrong. His idea was that nobody would willingly choose to do wrong because it would harm themselves, and who would want to hurt themselves. Socrates did believe evil and wrongdoing is because of ignorance and not being educated. Socrates’ perspective on ethics was that knowledge is predominantly how we come up with our morals and ethics. If knowledge is able to be learned, then virtue can also be learned as well as taught. His personal character proved to be based on his need for knowledge, and idea that he knew he did not know nearly everything. His ambition to teach and to…

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