The Ideas Of Psychoanalytic Perspective Essays

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The ideas of psychoanalytic perspective were developed by Sigmund Freud. This perspective perceives dreams as an expression of one 's own unconscious wishes and desires. The material of the dream, or the manifest content, is understood and explained through various symbols, or the latent content. Freud 's perspective states that the latent content of dreams express the unfiltered and true unconscious ideas, which could be considered as too explicit for the regular mind. The psychoanalytic view aims to analyze one 's self in terms of internal conflicts and underlying meanings.
Latent Content School. School is most often recognized as a symbol of internal fear, anxiousness, or self-doubt. More specifically, the setting of school relates to a personal concern. In a positive light, school dreams reflect a desire for perfection with work; contrasting this, dreams involving school may also reflect a very high level of anxiety. As my dream contained stress over homework from school, it can possibly be interpreted that I have a strong anxiety and concern over school and homework and its general importance. Furthermore, it could also be added that I have a very strong desire to have perfect, accurate, and comprehensible work in school, as both the friend and I made sure our math homework was not due. Arena/Stadium. Dreaming of an arena is symbolic of having problems voiced out in the open -- whether they actually are or need to be. Dreaming of a stadium, which could be paralleled…

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