Essay The Idea Of Heaven Today

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Essay 1: The Idea of Heaven in Confucianism

Starting in the early period of Chinese history, “ Heaven ” had already become one of the core ideas of Chinese culture. Not only is it a physical location, but also a symbol of regulating. People believe that whatever happens on earth, Heaven will always be watching over and evaluating. In this way, people have fate. For Confucius, Heaven is more about ethical assets. If people follow the appropriate moral order, then they would be on their way (Dao) of being better men. As long as everything is on its on correct way and never crosses the bottom line, there would no longer be any need for governing. This is exactly what Confucius in Analects wanted to say. “ Does Heaven speak? Yet the four seasons follow their course and the hundred creatures continue to be born. Does Heaven speak?” Indeed, it is impossible to hear form Heaven. But how can the seasons still go through change and creatures are still being born and dying naturally? These smooth changes are based on the “Dao”. Everything has already been arranged, people do not need to create fresh ideas they only need to obey the regulation of the Dao and continue to do what they should be doing. if we take the meaning of Confucius words literally, it sounds similar to the Daoist ideas—actions through inactions. We cannot deny that these “actions” were actually governed by “Dao” or by “Li” (“the way” and “ritual”) instead of “ inactions”. If every element in the…

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