The Ice Age Of Earth 's Climate Essay

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The previous few million years of Earth 's climate has existed controlled by the ice age phases. The ice age phases consisted of extended cold temperature periods with glaciers where massive ice sheets grew on the mainland masses on and around the poles. Because of the ocean water evaporating, the water was being sealed up onto the land as ice. This ice sheet build up has drastically lowered worldwide sea level. Throughout the shorter, hotter, breaks called interglacials, the ice sheets have degenerated, and with the water from the glaciers melting and draining back into the oceans, the sea level has increased. Since the coldest part of the last ice age that happened about twenty thousand years ago, to now in the present day, worldwide sea level has risen an astonishing one hundred and twenty meters. The specifics behind sea levels rising and falling are not very well understood, but what scientists do know is that the influential force behind these glacial or even interglacial phases are gentle differences in Earth 's orbit when it circles around the sun. This vaguely decreases and or increases the amount of sunlight touching the planet Earth’s surface. The present interglacial is the orbitals driven and warming up eventually, and then coming to an end after the Holocene Climatic Optimum. About four to five thousand years ago all of the susceptible land based ice had disintegrated. The capacity of the worldwide ocean was stationary until the arrival of the Industrial…

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