The I Had No Dad Essay

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As the ground coldly rejected the glass cup as it tumbled from my fingertips, my life as well shattered into indistinguishable pieces. The story of my life has always been one of rising action absent any real climactic junctures. The depressive veil of death had gladly kept its cold long reaching arms away, although as did the youthful delight of an arrow plucked straight from Cupid 's quiver. At the primal age of thirteen, my life had been as content as I had ever thought it needed to be. In a swift moment of realization, my life had suddenly been grasped by an all-encompassing moment of cognizance. It was at the fateful moment that I realized that I had no Dad.
From the time of my infancy my family structure had been abnormal. Although it was nuclear in technicality, it was more of a mixture of a single-parent and extended-family infrastructure. In a way, it felt as if my parents were separated. My mom unwantedly slaved over her work, while my father claimed to go to his job, which seemed to trade off just as seasonal as the weather.I usually saw my father only on the weekends when he would sleep most Saturdays and watched football most Sundays.
Around the month leading up to my thirteenth birthday, I had noticed an unusual shift in the dynamic of my family. My somewhat estranged father began becoming more dissociated from my family. From him, I failed to receive more attention and communication than I ever had. Then on the chilling night of October 20th, just one day…

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