Essay on The Hunger Games

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When I read the description for the thematic unit assignment, I immediately knew I wanted to use The Hunger Games. Since reading the trilogy a few years ago I have, on multiple occasions, thought about how great it would be to use in the classroom. It is an exciting, engaging story that students enjoy but also addresses numerous important aspects of today’s society. This allows students to ease into talking about sensitive or overwhelming topics – like various forms of government, the corruption of power, heroism, the impact of reality television, loyalty – by creating a safe but critical space for exploring them. By discussing the characters and plot of the story then broadening the scope to include personal experiences and the current state of our world, students are given the confidence, tools, and support necessary to address the issues. Another aspect that lends itself well to engaging students and expanding their understanding and application of the themes in The Hunger Games is the fact that most students have read it or seen the movie adaptations. Since the students are already familiar with the storyline, they have more available thinking power to dedicate to understanding and building on the underlying messages and topics that Suzanne Collins tackles. After considering all the benefits of using The Hunger Games, I had to tie it all together in an overarching theme and society seemed to make the most sense. Throughout her books, Collins uses the obviously corrupt…

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