The Hunger Games By Katniss Everdeen Essay example

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The Hunger Games represents a dystopian society where there is an annual televised event where twenty-four children fight to the death until only one remains. I could only imagined being in the crowd of children on selection day where you do not know whose name could be called next, whether it be your own name to be called or a member of your friends and family it would be devastating knowing that their chance for survival is very limited. Katniss Everdeen, is the main character of The Hunger Games who was from District Twelve, the districts are set up and numbered from one to twelve where District One is the wealthiest and has the most resources in order to prepare if you are selected to be in the games, while District Twelve is the poorest and they constantly struggle to survive. Putting myself in the shoes of Katniss, as a member of District Twelve and being a girl, the chance of survival is slim to none, however, Katniss had a unique hunting ability that could help her throughout the games. If I was selected to be apart of these games I do not think that I would have the courage to cold heartedly kill another human being, especially a child. Standing on the platform looking at twenty-three other daunting faces staring right back at me, as the start of the games began to countdown. As the clock it zero I would run as fast as I could into the woods as far away from the cornucopia as I could to hide from the others. The cornucopia is where the games have supplied weapons…

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