The Human Resource Manager Is Directly Accountable For The Overall Management

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The human resource manager is directly accountable for the overall management, coordination and evaluation of the human resources affairs. Also, the human resource manager will plan, direct, and coordinate the administrative roles of an organization. They will supervise the recruiting, interviewing, and engaging, and consult with the top executives in strategic planning and serve as a liaison between an organization’s management and its employees. The human resource candidates need a combination of education and several years of related work experience to become a human resource manager. Although a Master, degree is sufficient for the position or doctoral. Responsibilities:  Annually reviews and must provide a recommendation to the executive management for the improvement of the agency’s policies, procedures, and practices for personnel matters.

 Must maintain knowledge of industry trends and employment legislation and ensures agency’s compliance.

 They must maintain responsibilities for agency compliance with federal and state law about all personnel matters.

 Communicates changes in agency personnel policies and procedures and ensures proper compliance followed.

 Assists executive management in the annual review, preparation, and administration of company wage and salary program will be primary duties.

 The coordinates or conducts exit interviews to determine reasons behind the separation.

 They consult with legal counsel as…

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