Essay on The Human Capabilities And Limitations

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Discussion of The Human Capabilities and Limitations

Capabilities The current system demonstrates limited capabilities of a good design. Firstly, it Utilizes Knowledge in the Head and Knowledge in the World. As the actual design of the light, involving pushing the top of the switch to insure the light goes on, and push at the bottom to assure it turns off is standardized to the regular light switch design. Ignoring the lack of display, the control is essentially functional, learnable and useable. The actual process of using the switch relates to the conceptional model, allowing the user to know how to operate the system. Secondly, Simplify Structure of Task, as the user gets to the light switch the task itself is simple. Thirdly, it is Designed for Error, as if the user presses the wrong direction of the switch or the wrong switch, the light will not turn on and the goal of the task will not occur. Lastly, it is Standardized to regular light switches, although the location and mapping that is off.
As predicted, the systems design represents more limitations than capabilities. Firstly being, it doesn’t fully Utilize Knowledge in the Head, with Knowledge in the World. This system design isn’t for novices, as one that has never used this system will have an issue predicting where the light switch is, facing both visual and cognitive difficulties. It doesn’t match the conceptual model in the sense that the light switch is inside the garage, approximately 5.5 feet…

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