Human Trafficking Affects The World

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Human trafficking can be a touchy subject, as most people want to turn a blind eye to it. The horrors of human trafficking are so foreign to many, unlike causes that people can identify with because they know someone that it directly affects. However, the healing cannot start unless people start to educate themselves about how human trafficking affects the world and how they can help alleviate those effects. Human trafficking is more prevalent than people think and affects the world in many ways, but there are organizations that can help and those are only going to get bigger. Most people do not know how many people human trafficking actually affects and where it can be found. One estimate of the extent of human slaves in the world, put …show more content…
The economic ruination of victims can felt for generations. Such is the case in Uttar Pradesh, where debt bondage can go on for decades because there is very little hope of ever getting in front of the debt (Bales 195-231). This leads to the families, who are already victims, actually making more victims to perpetuate the cycle just by virtue of having children. Victims can also be socially scarred from their time as slaves, particularly in situations that involve sexual exploitation. In Rachel Lloyd’s book Girls Like Us, many girls rescued from prostitution still have unhealthy views of relationships and their own self-worth. Lloyd tells the story of a girl who weighed a one time gift of Cheetos and Yoo-Hoo as enough to cancel out times that her pimp had set her up to be raped and left her in jail (161-162). This social scarring can lead to revictimization when people go out and look for the same treatment they have been living with their whole lives. Human trafficking can also have political effects for entire countries. One such case can be found in China, where many members of a quasi-political party called Falan Gong were imprisoned and then had their organs trafficked (Kosloski). The effects of human trafficking are many and they can best be alleviated by the efforts of grassroots …show more content…
However, that only applies to the ignorant and safe, which leaves those knowledgeable about the issue and victims of the issue to carry all of the suffering. Human trafficking is much more prevalent than people give it credit for right now. The effects of it are horrible and far-reaching. Fortunately, there are groups who care about the issue enough to go out and combat it. There are also groups who will pick up the pieces and help build better lives for victims. What the world needs right now is to be educated, to increase the power and reach of these grassroots organizations. After all, most people want to live in a world where everyone is free and no one is for

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