Sex Trade Speech

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With the billions of people living in this world at peace, many still suffer. After all the wars fought for freedom and equality and justice, there are still many people in slavery. With the underground sex trade going on everyday, many women suffer, being abused, physically, emotionally and mentally. Many of them die due to drugs being put in their bodies, their pimps beating them and the buyers beating or murdering them. With millions of women are being traded and just being used as just pieces of meat, what are we doing about it? What is the war we fight against the sex slave that goes on daily. And what can we do about it as a people today and how can we fight against it to help free those caught in trade? Sex trade is one of the fastest …show more content…
There was a war fought back in the 1863, because people were being mistreated, sold, beaten and were forced to do what their masters pleased. Back then It was more open in the public, and slavery was an accepted practice back then. Lots of people knew what was going on back then and how they would mistreat Africans, and lots of people were against it, so because of that, the north declared war on the south. Today in society we act blind to the matter that there is slavery going on still today in our society. All society does is try to ignore big issues. Lots of people know about the sex trafficking business that goes on. Lots of films are based off of people being kidnapped or pimped and they have the hero that frees all the sex slaves. Because of sex trafficking, not does it only ruin people lives who have been affected by the trade but also the economy. In the past women were already treated unequally, with men being the main figure of the house, the women styed at home and were expected to clean and cook for the husband. Now women have more equal rights, but at the same time, women are being treated a lot worst and are only seen as toys or bags of meets in society. Women are constantly being used, harassed or worst. By now people think, since society has evolved that more people would have equal rights, yet here we are …show more content…
Once they have the product that they sell and they have pimps. The company who buys these women from people give the women to pimps, so that they can be sold on the streets or through pornography. These pimps beat the women and they drug them so that these women have no control and all they have is fear. These women fear that if they leave their pimps that their families would reject them and that there would be no one else in the world to take care of them. Often times women fear that if they try to run away or walk away from the people who own them, they would get shot on the spot, or that their families would get killed. Due to that many women never get freed from bondage that they are in. Many women and young girls suffer everyday, and are enslaved like animals, and are beaten on a constant if they disobey, or if their customers are not happy. The saddest thing about human trafficking is that women and young girls are sold for as little as $90. The people not only take away their human rights and but they also try to take away their self worth and their preceptions that they have on themselves. With the world population rapidly growing so are the amount of slaves today, there are 20-30 million people in slavery today. And each day there are 14,500 to 17,000 girls being trafficked today in the United States alone. Its is sad to know that

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