Human Trafficking Essay

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[Set the Prisoners Free]
Human trafficking is the third largest international crime industry, and it is not particuhlar when it comes to age, color, gender, or status. Anyone can be a victim.
Human trafficking primarily involves exploitation which comes in many forms, including forcing victims into prostitution, subjecting victims to slavery or involuntary servitude, and using victims to create pornography. Victims are often kidnapped, drugged or tricked before they are taken to other parts of the world where their means of escape are almost non-existent. Since offenders use multiple forms of travel to move their victims, the travel industry is dedicated to educating their employees to spot, and report potential offenses, to the proper
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For this reason, we are bringing awareness and education to the forefront so more lives can be saved. Sabre Developed the Passport to Freedom Program to unite the travel and tourism industry in the fight against human trafficking.
Sabre’s signature corporate responsibility program helps fight human trafficking and provides support to trafficking survivors. Their mission is to: EDUCATE the travel industry, ADVOCATE for legislation change, COLLABORATE on solutions.
To educate yourself and others on human trafficking, Sabre offers a free online Passport to Freedom training course for all employees and has shared the course with customers and partners throughout the industry. The course is designed to increase your awareness of human trafficking and how it operates, help identify the warning signs and know how to respond and report a potential situation, and help you learn what you can do to help with the fight.

The push for tighter regulation, which the Justice for freedom Act of 2015 aims to do, can help educate others on the signs, and put an end to modern day
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In partnership with Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Sabre launched an academic scholarship fund for human trafficking victims in 2015. Designed to help survivors achieve a post- secondary education, vocational job training, or certification, these awards are intended to pave the way for secure and stable employment opportunities. Additionally, Sabre has worked with non-profit agencies that support trafficked victims to provide pro bono legal aid clinics, service projects and awareness

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