Essay on The Human Brain Is A Product Of Millions Of Years

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The human brain is a product of millions of years of evolution. This organ has enabled monumental achievements since the existence of humankind and was important the development of tools and technologies necessary for the progressive advancement of civilization. Technologies such as water canals for irrigation and agriculture, automobiles and other vehicles for transportation and visiting areas of the world unreached for many millennia, and usage of ancient scriptures and eventually the invention of the Gutenberg printing press allowed for history and precious knowledge to spread to masses in millions, possibly billions of individuals. As the twenty first century progresses, computers have become a significant and integral aspect of several developed nations, allowing for communication over vast distances and regions and granting men, women and children the luxury of staying in touch with one another. Computers have served many functions and purposes since their common usage and invention in the twentieth century. The human brain is complex and still a subject of much mystery and research. Imitation of the human brain and its many complexities is an ambitious and questionable venture humankind has set its sights on, with such a pursuit, putting in question of what makes and grants mankind it 's humanity. If such a significant and monumental achievement was reached would the created artificial intelligence or computer be considered and given the rights of a human? What…

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