The Human Body : Pushing The Limits Essay

1511 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
The human body is an extraordinary, highly organized structure made up of cells that work together to accomplish specific functions necessary for sustaining life. Everyday we take our bodies through stressed limits on a daily basis that we do not even recognize. In this essay, I will explain how our bodies go through stressed, maxed out limits from the outside to the inside of our bodies. Back in 1996, Discovery Channel made a film about the human body, called, “The Human Body: Pushing the limits”. It focused on real life stories from people who had to push their own body to the limit just to survive a certain crisis situation. Situations like, running from an explosion, surviving a tornado, and even being trapped under a huge bolder weighing twelve hundred pounds. “This "Human Body" peeps beneath our skin to show us how the body and the brain undergo fantastic changes — and mind-blowing feats — just to keep us active every day. This is hyper-reality TV” (Moss. 22.). Knowing that we have the technology today to see and know how our bodies’ work is so amazing. I encourage everyone to find this film on YouTube and watch it, because it is most certainly excited and useful for knowledge. To explain how our bodies are pushed to the limits, first let’s take a scenario. Let’s begin with running a marathon. A marathon is a running event that last for 26.2 miles long nonstop. The human body is capable of it, but only when the limits are pushed. A regular heart beat pumps blood…

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