Essay about The Hospitality Industry Is A Challenging Field

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The hospitality industry is a challenging field. There are always new restaurant chains opening that offer their attempt at unique food. In order to stand out, restaurants need to find innovative ways to stay ahead of the pack and separate themselves from the crowd. Darden Restaurants Inc., the parent company to several restaurant chains, has not only been able to stay competitive, but to also grow in this difficult market. Bill Darden opened his first restaurant in Waycross, Georgia in 1938 (Darden Restaurants, 2016). It was a small luncheonette named the Green Fog. He later opened the first Red Lobster in 1968 in Lakeland, Florida (Darden Restaurants, 2016). Two years and multiple locations later, General Mills bought Red Lobster from Bill Darden and by 1988, there were nearly 400 Red Lobsters (Darden Restaurants, 2016). In 1982, the first Olive Garden was opened in Orlando, Florida, home of the company’s headquarters (Darden Restaurants, 2016). The Olive Garden was an immediate success and had over 145 stores by 1989 (Darden Restaurants, 2016). In order to focus on consumer food products, General Mills spun Darden Restaurants Inc. off in 1995, marking the beginning of Darden being an independent entity with publicly traded stock (Darden Restaurants, 2016). By the end of 1995, Darden owned and operated 1,250 restaurants in 49 states, as well as 73 locations in Canada (Darden Restaurants, 2016). Since then, Darden has created or bought several more chains. In 1996,…

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