What Is The Main Point Of The Book Night By Elie Wiesel

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1. The author of this novel is Elie Wiesel, A Jewish man that has roots in Romania. There are many unique things about his story and past. For example, he is a holocaust survivor. He is also wrote a book describing the horrors of the holocaust in great detail and he does this by creating a fictional character that resembles him. Creating a fictional character to represent himself helps him revisit these tragic events that happened to him.

2. The main point of the novel is to bring understanding and knowledge to the general public so something like this can be avoided in the future.

3. "Didn 't you know what was in store for you at Auschwitz?" (pg 39) That 's a direct quote from the book that foreshadows the unspeakable events that are going
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As soon as Elizer arrives at one of the concentration camps, I knew this book was going to take a grim turn. The SS officers would take children who where unable to walk or talk and use them as target practice. Even imagining something like that only brings me sorrow, I can only picture the horrors of seeing it with my own eyes. Eliezer does a great job at creating a vivid picture on what situation he 's in. In the beginning of the book we 're introduced to a character named Dr. Mengele who was the decision maker for who gets to live. The prisoners referred to him as the angel of death because he would send people who were physically capable to work to the gas chambers. This book is filled with cold, evil people who have abandoned their morality. Even some of the prisoners began questioning their faith and their purpose. The Germans who committed these atrocities were inhuman. To view another human being as something less than dirt just puts a bad taste in my mouth. I believe these SS officers were trained to be cruel, which takes time. Not valuing human life doesn 't happen over night. It seemed like the situation only got worse for Eliezer, as we 're taken into his conscienceless, he begins to lose his sense of morality. He knew that his father was the only person left of his family and at one point he viewed him a weight hindering him from escaping. This is just an example of how nothing could 've been

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