The Horrors Of The Holocaust Essay

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1. The author of this novel is Elie Wiesel, A Jewish man that has roots in Romania. There are many unique things about his story and past. For example, he is a holocaust survivor. He is also wrote a book describing the horrors of the holocaust in great detail and he does this by creating a fictional character that resembles him. Creating a fictional character to represent himself helps him revisit these tragic events that happened to him.

2. The main point of the novel is to bring understanding and knowledge to the general public so something like this can be avoided in the future.

3. "Didn 't you know what was in store for you at Auschwitz?" (pg 39) That 's a direct quote from the book that foreshadows the unspeakable events that are going to take place there while Eliezer and his family were held captive there. "Their tongues hung swollen, blue-tinged. But the third rope was still moving; being so light, the child was still alive (pg71). This was a brutal scene that describes the ruthlessness of the SS. To hang a child in front of everyone shows you the complete distortion of reality and human life these SS officers had. "If only I could get rid of this dead weight, so that I could use all my strength to struggle for my own survival, and only worry about myself." (pg 111) The conditions at the concentration camp where so unimaginable that Eliezer began to view his father as dead weight. Eliezer even admitted that he was ashamed of himself for even thinking that.


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