The Horizon 's Article, Let Me Lobby For My Hobby By Joseph Kauffman

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Annotated Bibliography The Horizon’s article, “Let Me Lobby for My Hobby” by Joseph Kauffman is an editorial defending board games. Kauffman writes about games that require strategy and more player involvement such as “Dead of Winter,” “The Resistance,” and “Funemployed.” He focuses on how social these games are and how they can impact relationships. These sources all relate to the use of board games for social and/or intellectual development. I found my sources in EBSCOhost through the Academic Search Premier on the library’s website. I had to sort through thousands of results, but after narrowing down my search and playing around with keywords I finally found these articles.
Crews, Annalisa. "Getting Teachers on ‘Board’." Knowledge Quest 40.1 (2011): 10-13. Academic Search Premier. Web. 3 Oct. 2015. The article discusses how authentic board games are being used in classrooms to support the curriculum. Crews writes about an experiment done at the Homewood City Middle and High School to find games that would aid in studying the class curriculum of different subjects. An example of one game the article found successful was the use of the game Power Grid in an environmental science class which helped students learn about pollution and its effects, renewable vs nonrenewable, and the economic concepts of resources and money management. This piece encourages teachers and librarians to incorporate games into their classes. I love that the article stated that…

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