The Holy Temple Of The Roman Empire Essays

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I. Jesus was born almost 2000 years ago. He lived in Palestine and was baptized by John. Later then he became a preacher, and was publically executed. We knew so little about him because the sources does not come from the actually times of Jesus. He was an average like peasant during the Roman Empire era. He was poor, had no distinction of royalty and lived in less desirable conditions. For historians there was nothing historically remarkable about his status. Therefore, his daily life was not written down. We only knew so little about him due to the fact that it was the stories the early Christians told about Jesus and what they have thought of him.
II. Its so important that Jesus of Nazareth was born, lived and died in the Roman Empire because he was born on the reign of Augustus Caesar an Roman emperor who was the son of a God, and the savior to the Mediterranean’s. The temple of Jerusalem was a holy temple however Judaism was not a state religion. At the age of thirty, John the Baptist in the Jordan Rivers baptized Jesus. Then he began preaching spreading the message of his God to the poorest people and, healing them. Many people would find it to be a great relief to hear that there was a kingdom greater than Rome, and God would bring peace unto them. However some was not very fond of his message, creating revolutionary ideas and threatening social traditions of Rome. When executed, Jesus message did not die. His preaching messages have spread to the Jewish communities…

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