The Holy Spirit : The Growth Of A Biblical Tradition Essay

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As discussed in class, man can only explain things in the context of the material and physical world he lives in. God is Spirit and is not subject to time, space and matter as is the physical world God has made for us. The reason man has a hard time understanding how God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are One is that man has nothing in his material world to compare it with. He is trying to describe something he has nothing to compare it with. Nothing in the material world of man can describe the Biblical truth that God is One God and three persons. In this essay I will be focusing on the Holy Spirit specifically in Numbers 11:10-30, and how George Montague in his book, “The Holy Spirit: The Growth of a Biblical Tradition”, has interpreted “The Lord’s solution to Moses’ predicament…” as a paradigm for ministry in the New Testament church. Numbers 11 is a fascinating chapter as it relates to the work of the Spirit in the Old Testament. Moses has been given the responsibility by God of leading the exodus from Egypt and handling the disputes of the whole nation of Israel. How many of those people are there who are wondering through the wilderness for 40 years over which Moses has responsibility? How many roughly? One million is a conservative estimate. So think of you being the pastor of Durham; you having responsibility for all of the people in Durham just to give you a feel for what this was like for Moses. He was feeling under enormous pressure especially when Israel…

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