The Holy Spirit Of Jesus Christ Essay

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When sin entered the world there was separation between God and man created by the inability of communion between Holy and sinful. Jesus Christ had to die in order to reconcile this gap and create a bridge for man to know God again. While Jesus was on earth his mission was to reconnect us with God by fulfilling the Law. However Jesus was limited in doing the mission because His divinity was confined to a mortal body. He initiated the move to bring the reconciliation but it would ultimately be by the Holy Spirit that the original intimacy would be restored. The Holy Spirit is the omnipresent manifestation of Jesus Christ and shares the same will of the Son in that he wants to know all. In that the Spirit bears the same will as the Son and in the same way as Jesus, does nothing apart from the will of the Father. Jesus came to give us life and life more abundant, the Holy Spirit in the same way brings believers to life. In Romans eight the Spirit is said to give life to our bodies in the same way that He gave life to Jesus. Not in the physical sense but spiritually He gives us life. The original language of the words “gives life” is zoopoieo. Which means to make alive, give life, or quicken. The sprits involvement in our salvation begins with Him being used by the father in drawing us to Jesus (Jn. 6:44).

While He is drawing us to get us to the point of salvation the Spirit begins to convict us of sins and of righteousness (Jn. 16:10). The part of this conviction…

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