The Holy Spirit Of God Essay

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The Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, our Helper, our Comforter, Encourage, one of the three parts of the Holy Trinity; although there are quite a few different names, He is the same spirit of God. One of the 66 life breathing books of the Holy Bible has some of the most excellent examples of what it looks like to walk by faith with the Holy Spirit. The book of Acts is the account of apostles of Christ who lived radically for the sake of the gospel, glory of God, and the salvation of everyone. They were fully obedient and fully dependent on the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives, and impacted the world by simply preaching Jesus and the Resurrection, no matter the cost.
Many things have changed since biblical times, however, despite the constant shifting and changing world, the power of the Holy Spirit has never changed because our God is immutable. This same power is available to us today, and it is crucial that we do not quench the spirit, however, at the same time we need to have discernment in which doctrines we listen to and their validity based upon the Holy Bible. This paper will contain the comparing and contrasting differences based upon two authors books, Chuck Smith’s Living Water and Jack Deere’s Surprised by the Voice of God, which were written for the purpose of application and experience of the Holy Spirit.
A concept that Jack Deere explains in his book refers to the issue of magic; his definition being, “ Magic is the use of rituals, spells, charms, and the like…

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