The Holocaust Is A Witch Hunt Essay

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Hitler, the leader of the Holocaust and leader of Nazi Germany, executed six million innocent lives by the end of World War II alongside his Nazis by putting groups in concentration camps. This tragic genocide known as the Holocaust left a mark on society. During World War II, Hitler had a goal to exterminate all not fit for his likings aka Jews, gypsies, disabled and other groups looked down upon. This travesty involved torturing/experimenting on these groups until death in camps known as concentration camps. Consequently, this extermination of innocent groups has contributed to the idea that the Holocaust is a witch hunt. Furthermore, this is a modern day witch hunt due to its atmosphere of hysteria and paranoia, its prejudice of those accused and the condemnation of the accused. First of all, the tragic genocide known as the Holocaust is a witch hunt because of its atmosphere of hysteria and paranoia. During the holocaust many Jews and gypsies scared for their lives acted irrationally to escape from the concentration camps. Blood splatter, cries so loud praying for help to save them, screams of terror from radiation and experiments, the fear of getting closer to your end while you wait in the mile long line all contributed to the distress mood of the Holocaust. Furthermore, the atmosphere of the concentration camp was anything but pleasant creating a dreadful, hideous and terrifying sense of dismay as these people watch the person in front of them get closer to their…

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