The Holland Code For Psychology Essay example

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1. Brain and Behavioral Science is included in the Psychology Department. The Holland Code for Psychology is IES. Investigative Types usually have math and science abilities and are problem solvers. The I type likes to explore and understand subjects which relate to psychology because it is all based on learning and understanding the way of the mind and behavior. Since psychology is defined as the scientific study of mind and behavior, understandably, science is required in this field. Having science ability is critical in psychology, especially if one is pre-professional. As Anjali shared, pre-health professional studies rely heavily on lab courses. Enterprising Types typically have leadership skills. They are described as ambitious, extroverted, and optimistic, all traits that can help construct an excellent psychologist. In the interview with Anjali she mentioned that the classes are typically conducted in discussion settings. Leading discussions and even participating can relate to the E type. Social Types generally like to be around other people and are interested in how people get along. They enjoy helping other people with their problems. S people enjoy helping, teaching, and counseling people more than engage in mechanical or technical activity. They are described as helpful, kind, patient, sympathetic and tactful. The description hits psychology right on the head. An interest in psychology begins with an interest in people and being a psychologist means helping…

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