The History Of The Periodic Table Is A Long And Intriguing Tale

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The history of the periodic table is a long and intriguing tale. But to get to our modern day periodic table we first must know what elements themselves are and how they are made up. There are many contributions from different scientists throughout the ages, such as Aristotle or Democritus. Democritus thought that all substances in modern society were made of tiny particles or building blocks which he decided to call “atoms” which comes from their own Greek root for Invisible. Aristotle also believed that our entire existence and universe was made up of some sort of primordial matter. The origin of the elements is arguably one of the most important parts of the history. Without an origin for the elements, there would be no way to make a table out of elements. Plato and Aristotle both conspired together that different types of solids consisted of small particles that were made of different shapes. The next page on the path to the modern day periodic table is the alchemists from the medieval era. Alchemists were an important step since they discovered many new elements all due to their lust for gold and immortality. They all pretty much sought after the mythical philosopher’s stone which was rumored to possess the power to transmute base metals into gold as well as to grant the user immortality. Of course nobody had discovered such a mystical stone, however they did discover many new elements in the process such as phosphorus. Phlogiston was another step towards the…

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