The History Of The Modern Computer Essay

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The history of the modern computer is relatively new. What we think of today of computers was not even brought into the world until the 1940’s. If it was not for the competitiveness of World War II, we could be thirty years behind where we are today. The need for faster, more efficient ways of computation and communication developed into a contest for who would have the biggest advantage in war by ways of technology. This race between the great world powers of the United States, Britain, and Germany is what ultimately helped decide who won the war. These computers were used for two major war related problems: “ one was the problem among the various combatants to be able to read the other side’s radio messages”(Miller 41), messages could be easily intercepted over radio, but the code-cracking aspect brought along many issues as the coding devices used were very advanced. The other important issue for computers was calculating trajectories for guns and missiles. Being able to calculate exactly where to aim a gun based on distance and conditions proved to be a very important part of the war. In a time of little technological advancements, these new machines became the heart of the Allies victory; without them, history could possibly be different than how we know it today. Prior to World War II, the advances in the computer industry were few and far between. As far as computers were concerned, the only technological findings to date had been mechanical calculators and…

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