The History Of Love And Sexuality Essay

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The history of love and sexuality is one of complicated circumstances in which many historians have both agreed and disagreed on the foundation of ideals that shaped it. In order to study the history of love and sexuality one must first look at how modernity shaped gender, marriage, emotions, and sex. Modernity which Matt and Stearns would define as the period in which the “rise of science, some political systemization, and some of the beginnings of industrialization” began to appear, marked the period where gender, marriage and sex were transformed. For the sake of this paper, I will be focusing on the early to mid twentieth century in which industrialization was introduced. This paper not only intends to look at the history of love and sexuality, but also intends to evaluate other historians works on gender, marriage and sexuality in Modern Western society. I will also focus my argument around the ideal that modernity transformed the female role in the household which in turn reconstructed marriage, sex and gender roles. The first part of my paper will address how industrialization, and modernization shaped gender roles inside and outside of the household. I will then move into my next section of the paper in which I will discuss the discovery of a women’s sexuality and how this led to significant social changes within society. Following this, I will focus on marriage, which is the basis for the argument of this paper. Lastly, I will conclude this paper by discussing what…

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