The History Of Control And Punishment Essay

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The History of Control and Punishment

Foucault describes torture into two forms of penalty: the violent and complete disorder of

public torture. Robert Francois Damiens was convicted for attempted to killing a king in

the mid-18th century the systematic course of treatment, that was daily scheduled for

inmates from an early 19th century was to be sentenced to prison. These were examples to

provide a picture of how marked by intellectual depth or insight the changes in western

penal systems were after less than a century.

Foucault believes the profound changes of the western penal systems were pretending to

have been used to create a system for promoting human welfare, but was created just for

space deriving from an individual viewpoint. He wants to combine knowledge and

technological development when it comes to developing a prison. To prove “micro-

physics” of power, which is established by strategic and tactical gain, kept safe from

danger or to have as property. Foucault makes it clear that position of authority and

knowledge imply one another.

He examined public torture and execution. Foucault then argues public spectacle of

torture and execution was an exaggerated emotion for open discussion. The first

intentions produced several unintended importance. Foucault stressed precisely the

correct way in which torture is carried out, and also presents in words and the extensive

legal framework in which it perform work to achieve…

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