Essay The History And Achievements Of Roman Civilization

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On the History and Achievements of Roman Civilization

Throughout the history of man, no civilization has ever been more successful or as influential as that of the Romans. Yet what is it that has made Rome so memorable to us? Stories of grand structures, powerful emperors and epic battles all come to mind when we imagine Roman civilization. Despite having knowledge of all these memorable features of Roman civilization, what do we actually know about the Romans and all that they had accomplished? An even more important question to ask might not only be why Rome is so important, but also how it has continued to impact the world even today.

To understand anything in depth about Rome, an understanding of its origins must be provided. The city of Rome itself was originally founded on several hills along the Tiber River. This location provided it with many opportunities to trade with neighboring cities and a distinct advantage when defending against any incoming invasions. As legend has it, Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus, twin sons of Mars, the god of war (“Ancient Rome,” par. 2). Supposedly Romulus eventually killed his brother Remus in order to become king of Rome. From this point onward, Rome continued to grow and as time changed so did the internal affairs of the city.

“The power of the monarch passed to two annually elected magistrates called consuls; they also served as commanders in chief of the army” (“Ancient Rome,” par. 5). The shift in power from a monarch…

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