Essay on The High Five Messages

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The High Five Messages

Change Is Constant
In the game My Personal GPS, I had to guide an avatar through a series of games that tested my learning skills and work habits. At the end of the level, you either passed and were awarded a key, or failed and had to retry the game. For some of these games, I didn 't receive a key on my first try and had to repeat the level until my skills matched my evaluation. This caused me to have to rethink my avatar’s actions and adapt to the different situations I was put in. I knew that I had nothing to lose if I replayed the game, but that is not true in the real world. You need to more cautious with your decisions and you can’t take pointless risks. If I knew that I only had one shot at the games in My Personal GPS, I would need to think more about my answers and ensure that I choose the correct one. I may also be more susceptible to second guessing myself, even on a relatively simple question. Now, if you didn’t have to fear failure in the real world, people would take a lot more risks. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as risks can lead to great rewards. But, we need to know when the cons of our decisions heavily outweighed the pros.
In the game, you had to keep replaying the game to receive the key. In one game, “What Now?” my avatar missed a history test and needed to make it up during lunch. The only problem was that you couldn’t find the teacher and were running around the school trying to find her. At the start, I avoided asking…

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