The Hierarchy Of Gender Inequality Essay

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In the hierarchy of gender, men have always dominated women. Their advantages in the workforce is often greater than women despite education level, hours, and career. More specifically, in the words of a University of Illinois assistant professor of families studies, Karen Karmer, “Single mothers earn about two-thirds of what a single father would make” (College of ACES). As single fathers do make more than single mothers, this puts single mother in a position where raising a child alone is difficult because they have to cover the cost of child care, food, shelter, clothing, etc. Furthermore, the cost of child care, food, shelter, clothing, etc. is not cheap. According to the University of Akron, “On average, a poor mother spends 32 percent of her total weekly income on child care” (Kirby). With the low earnings that single mother make because of reasons like their hours or gender norms that prevent women from certain jobs, 32 percent of their total weekly income on child care itself is a lot given the fact that they have other expenses to cover.
While single father may also have difficulty raising a child alone, society tends to benefit men on their behalf with jobs and job security. This means that men will less likely be unemployed. For women, however, if they lose their job, it is often difficult for her to find employment as society see women as less qualified than men. In fact, according to, “Today 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 - a total of…

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