Gender Expectations In Society

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Gender expectations have changed over the years, Women were expected to take care of the children. Women were held with double standards. Doyin Richards uploaded a picture of himself taking care of his children, the internet has mixed feelings about the photo. Klein’s girlfriend is able to defend herself. In “Who’s Cheap?’by Adair Lara, men are expected to pay for things.”When a Women Says No” by Ellen Goodman, what a women does/wear does not matter, when she says no that is it. Modern Expectations are better for our society than traditional ones because they allow for equal standing in parenting, men can get punish accordingly for what they do, and to have no expectation for each gender to conform to.
Traditionally, men are expected to
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Doyin Richards took a month off of work so he could work on baby bonding with his daughters. Richards said “he believes men who are devoted parents like him should be the norm, not the exception.“You 're supposed to be a deadbeat because that 's what the societal mold would dictate…”(Sole).When the internet see’s people who do not fit that expectation, it 's incomprehensible. Women could work while men take care of the kids. Women can have a career instead of always being left to take care of the kids. With that career they can bring in money to support the kids. Additionally, they can feel independent since they are the bread winner and not feel so reliant on men. Traditionally, men are expected to be able to defend themselves, while women are not. Does the ability to defend oneself dicate whether or not they are a “man.” It sets up an expectation that when unmet leaves a great deal for interpretation. If you cannot defend yourself you are not considered a man. Women are supposed to be helpless, which puts them at a great risk. It causes women to be dependent on men to stay …show more content…
Men should be free to be completely gender nonconforming if they choose to. There is nothing wrong with men who are androgynous or feminine, and the social stigma that is often attached to them culturally is wrong.The same thing goes for women. If a women knows how to fight, she is not any less feminine. Women learn to defend themselves so that they can actually do something if the scenario were to occur. Klein does not know how to properly defend himself unlike his girlfriend. “I just like knowing that in a situation like the one last night, I can be of help” (Klein 58). Klein himself went to self-defense courses because of his girlfriend. There should be no expectation for either gender to know how to defend themselves, but it does not hurt not

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