The Heroic Hero In Divine Comedy And The Iliad

In Divine Comedy and the Iliad, there are many examples of characters that exhibit heroic characteristics and actions. But which character is the most heroic? The characters Hector, Dante, and Achilles all display heroic characteristics, but the most heroic is Hector. We will examine Hector, Dante, and Achilles to conclude that Hector is the most heroic character.
Hector is the most heroic character showing us characteristics of courage, love, and strength. Hector stands up for the Trojan people and his family. Hector is fighting for the common good of his people. An example from Book 6 of the Iliad Hector shows us his heroic characteristics and his faithfulness to the people of Troy is when he says "And tall Hector nodded, his helmet flashing:
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Unlike Hector, Dante from Inferno is at first a sinner who is fearful of dying and fearful of hell, but overtime Dante shows us the heroic characteristics of bravery and goodness. An example of Dante being fearful at first, but then becoming brave is “all tremor and flow and gaudy pelt. And it would not pass, but stood so blocking my every turn that time and again I was on a verge of turning back to the wood. This fell at the first widening of the dawn as the sun climbing Aries with those stars that rode with him to light the new creation. Thus holy hour and the sweet season of commemoration did much to arm my fear of the bright murderous beast with their good omen” (Lines 33-43). When Dante wakes up in the Dark Woods he is fearful and does not know how he got there or what he is going to do. Dante comes upon a hill shining with light, which he starts walking towards until he sees a three beasts creature in, which he is scared of. Instead of Dante turning around he shows us his heroic characteristic of courage by not turning around. Dante shows us the heroic quality of bravery, but he is not fearless like Hector was. Dante is a good person unlike Achilles, but like Achilles, he does not know what is best for him nor does he know what to do. An example from the text that shows Dante’s cluelessness is “He shall hunt her through every nation of …show more content…
While Achilles is strong and powerful, he lacks empathy, which every hero should have and he also lacks the self-knowledge to know what is best for him. Achilles fiery temper also gets in the way of him being a better hero than Hector, Achilles in a sense is a villain with some heroic characteristics. Dante another character examined is a good person with bravery, however, his bravery is not a heroic characteristic that is biological rather he had to inherit it. Dante is a good person in the sense that he is faithful and devoted to God, but Dante relies too much on God that he cannot make decisions for himself. In conclusion, Hector is the most heroic character based on his bravery to fight for the good of everyone and his selflessness, which attributes to his loving and caring heroic personality, characteristics, and

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