The Hero Of The Iliad Essay

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Honor can be said to be the backbone of ancient Greek mythology. The Iliad is not a work that gives a mere account of historic facts and events but one where the characters are the protagonists by virtue of their behavior, values, motives and decisions which affect the flow of the poem. If honor defines what a hero stands for, then setting his honor at a greater value than that of his life rewards Achilles as the main hero of The Iliad. How we perceive honor in today’s era doesn’t seem to have much differences than how it was perceived in ancient Greece, but how our heroes are chosen does. Achilles may seem to loose himself in his rage but he represents true strength and courage, giving off a godlike aura. The great warrior Hector of Troy may seem like a better fit for the story is hero since he seems to be more empathetic, except Hector represents the weakness that can be felt on the battlefield due to doubt and fear, which are not hero like qualities. Achilles never had a moment of hesitation making him the true hero of The Iliad, showing no limit to his strength even in the midst of despair when losing his best friend Patroclus, he used his feeling to give him fury on the battlefield. Hector on the other hand gave in to his fear and chose to run away in the midst of battle, making him the lesser man. Both Achilles and Hector knew their demise was near, how they chose to confront their fate shows Achilles as the rightful hero of The Iliad.
Achilles plays the primary…

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