The Heat Of The Sun Essay

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The narration of the film In the Heat of the Sun is bathed in masculinity. The story basically follow the male protagonist and narrator, Ma Xiaojun, his gang of male friends, and the masculine world they inhabit. There are only three notable exceptions to a film that consists almost entirely of men and boys: the protagonist 's nameless mother, and two girls his age: Yu Beipei and Mi Lan. Both girls are amongst his cohort, and are therefore the main focus of the whole gang’s adolescent desire. However, the overwhelming masculinity of the movie leaves little room for the exploration of the female characters’ identities and personalities. In fact, perhaps unintentionally, the film In the Heat of the Sun objectifies the women, and reveals how female identities are constructed through male eyes. A major example of this objectification comes from the distance created between Mi Lan and Ma Xiaojun. One of Ma Xiaojun’s pastimes is breaking into other people’s homes. One time, he breaks into a bedroom which turns out to be Mi Lan’s. Ma takes a telescope off the wall, spins around, and accidentally discovers a picture on the wall behind a curtain. A telescope, which is used to look at things far away, symbolically creates distance between Ma and Mi Lan. The piece of cloth in the way only adds to the distance, as well as the fact that the image is only a photograph of Mi Lan, not Mi Lan herself. Moreover, the photograph he sees turns out not to even exist, later on. Each of these…

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