The Heart Of Meyer Friedman Essay

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Back in the 1950’s a cardiologist by the name of Meyer Friedman starting piecing together some clues he observed in the waiting area of his cardiology practice. Searching for some sort of cause for so many patients having high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and determining that there hadn’t been any change in diet in the general population, he made an observation. He noticed that some of the chairs had worn in awkward locations, like the front of the armrests. He concluded that it must be from certain patients who were impatient and would stand up frequently to see how much longer it would be, or simply out of frustration. In having such complex knowledge of the heart, he pondered about the link between these types of chronic behaviors and the devastating effects it may have on the heart. Born July 13, 1910 Meyer Friedman in somewhere. Meyer received his undergraduate degree at Yale University. He moved on to John Hopkins University where he earned his M.D. in 1935 and by 1939 he had become the director of the Harold Brunn Institute for Cardiovascular Research located in San Francisco. He continued as director for 45 years until becoming the director of his own institute, Meyer Friedman Institute, in 1984. (Petticrew, Lee, & McKee, 2012). Friedman spent the majority of his career involved in research. In 1959 he wrote an article that stated a causal relationship between coronary artery disease and type A behavior. On the day of his death in 2001, he was…

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