The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter Essay

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In The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, by Carson McCullers, the emotional environment in the families and close friends huge role in her novel. McCullers herself struggled with the emotional environment of her family life. At a young age she changed her name from Lula to Carson. When one changes their name, it signifies a since of insecurity and shows they what to reinvent themselves. Once she had gotten married, both her and her husband cheated, and were very unhappy. She was unfaithful which shows her lack of respect towards marriage and love. Later in life, she tried to commit suicide, but she was unsuccessful. She clearly does not appreciate life and what it has to offer. McCullers has a negative view on family, which shows in her writing because most of her books focus on loneliness, isolation, infidelity, and murder. In The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers, she examines the emotional environment of Biff Brandon, Mick Kelly, and John Singer’s families throughout the novel. Biff Brandon one of the main characters in the book, struggles with his family emotionally because of his actions, not having children, and being lonely. He is a character who was constantly looking for himself in the novel, and felt alone as well. McCullers says, “That was all he wanted for himself – to give to her. Biff 's mouth hardened. He had done nothing wrong but in him he felt a strange guilt. Why? The dark guilt in all men, unreckoned and without a name” (223). He had guilt in his…

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