Of Mice And Men Loneliness Essay

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Loneliness is a haunting feeling. In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, George and Lennie work on a ranch to make money in order to accomplish their dream of buying their own land. On the ranch they encounter people going through their own struggles. They include Candy and Crooks into their dream after meeting them. There is a recurring theme of loneliness in the book. In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck loneliness affected most of the characters presenting itself in different ways.
Curley’s wife reveals her feeling of loneliness to Lennie after Lennie kills his puppy and is filled with anger and sadness. She calms him down by talking to him, their conversation provides ease and happiness to both of them. When she gets the chance to talk to
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Crooks and Curley’s wife don’t have people to make a connection with, while the other characters have people to make a connection but are detached from the connections in one way or another. George and Lennie have each other for company and have a connection, but they a disconnected intellectually. George is like a father for Lennie, with a parent and child relationship the parent is not able to share all aspects of their life. When George and Lennie were getting accustomed to the ranch they met Candy, after Candy left them in the bunkhouse George was playing solitaire. Even while Lennie was with George, George “stared at his solitaire lay.”(Steinbeck 29) George is usually playing solitaire, Steinbeck did this to show Georges loneliness. Lennie is usually disconnected from people he talks to unless they are talking about George or his dream piece of land. Lennie does not listen most of the time, Crooks noticed this and said, “Jus’ talks, an’ you don’t understand nothing.”(Steinbeck 71) Candy also has some loneliness being old and disabled. His dog kept him company. When Carlson insists on killing the dog Candy says, “I had ‘im too long.”(Steinbeck 45) This shows that Candy had his connection with his dog for so long, he’s scared about how lonely he will get without the

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