Of Mice And Men: The Effects Of Loneliness

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What are the effects of loneliness? Some people become depressed, some people find ways to not be lonely anymore, but some people are so used to being lonely that they choose to live that way. Loneliness can change people by causing them to become depressed, angry, and mistreat others. Of Mice and Men takes places during the Dust Bowl in America. During this time, things like racism, sexism, and discrimination against mentally handicapped people was very common. The characters in this book work and reside of a farm together, but not everyone on the farm gets along. In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, he develops the concept of loneliness through Candy, Crooks, and Curley’s wife in order to demonstrate that loneliness affects how people think, feel, and act. …show more content…
Crooks is the only African American on the entire farm; not only that, but his is also disabled because of his back problems. These two things contribute to his loneliness. Because of Crooks’s skin color and disability, he is discriminated against by most people in his life. The book even says that “[Crooks] kept his distance and demanded that other people keep theirs” (67), showing that he not only feels isolated, but he actively isolates himself from other people. This behavior is because Crooks was discriminated against and isolated from other people his whole life. Crooks tells Lennie about the segregation he faced growing up by telling him, “The white kids [would] come to play at our place, an’ sometimes I went to play with them . . . My ol’ man didn’t like that . . .’” (70), which shows that even Crooks’s own father isolated him from other people because of meaningless physical characteristics. This kind of thinking followed him into his adult life by him being discriminated against and segregated from other people because of his skin color. The discrimination and segregation that Crooks faces definitely contributes to his

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