The Health Of Victorian Vulnerable Groups : Asylum Seekers Essay

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The Health of Victorian Vulnerable groups: Asylum Seekers/Refugees

Student Christard Thomas: 25519018

Lecturer Louisa Lam

Date of Submission: 12/09/14


Majority of refugees and asylum seekers spend their time in refugee camps before resettling to a host country. Condition at the camp can cause detrimental effects and can affect their mental and physical health. For majority of the refugees resettled, not much information is know about their health required beyond a health history taken upon entry (Morris, Popper, Rodwell, Brodine & Brouwer, 2009).


Victoria has as of late accomplished its greatest expand in settlement by refugee background and asylum seekers in 30 years. Around 10,000 asylum seekers on bridging visas and 4,000 refugees are settling in the Victorian community every year. State of Victoria gets around one-third of all refugees and asylum seekers entering Australia, more than any another state or territory.

Most refugees and asylum seekers have encountered traumatic occasions, for example, physical and mental trauma or torment, hardship and prolonged poverty, their time in immigration detention centre and poor access to medicinal services before arrival.

Thus, numerous refugees and asylum seekers have various and complex physical and mental wellbeing issues on landing, including abnormal amounts of avoidable illness and related mortality.

Nevertheless, in the early…

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