The Health Effects Of Fast Food

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Fast food, the addictive food that many people can not go a day without eating. In our society, fast food has become the “norm” when we are looking for something to eat, causing our society to accept it as something to eat all the time. Fast food can affect our bodies more than most people can comprehend. According to the United States Healthful Food Council, 8 out of 10 people eat fast food monthly and half eat it weekly. By ingesting these large amounts of fatty, salty, and sweet foods, children and adults are becoming obese. Fast food causes long term negative health effects and is a direct contributor to America 's increasing obesity problems.
Obesity happens to be one of the largest problems in America. The obesity rates have skyrocketed
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Food marketing by fast food companies gets the viewer 's attention quick with unforgettable phrases or deals fast food stores offer. The food marketing industry is humongous and spends about 10 billion dollars a year on advertising to the young children and teens. Because children and teens control most of the money when it comes to meals they try and persuade their parents to get fast food or other unhealthy meals. For instance, a way that fast food does an excellent way of catching the eyes of young children is the toys or prizes they give to the children if they buy a kid’s meal. Almost every fast food joint hands out a “prize” with their meals. The toys encourage kids to tell their parents they need to go to that fast food so they can get that exact toy they saw on television. Besides, to getting a toy it is also free and comes with a meal that is so unhealthy! Parents like to not hear whining or complaining and usually the kids always win. That helps get tons of sales because when little kids go to eat not only do they get to eat, they get that toy they have been seeing all over the television. A study of a hundred children (aged 3-7) was conducted and they observed that out of the hundred children twenty-nine percent of the students were children who collected toys and seventy-one percent went to a fast food chain …show more content…
Whether it is by an advertisement or ad people can smell fast food almost anytime they are near it, encouraging the consumer to go and get some. Also by physical and social surroundings it influences people to eat fast food. Free food or seeing pictures of a juicy burger on social media can enhance person to want fast food. Environments can cause people to want to eat it. Such as living in cities or close to places where they serve fast food. The surroundings of fast food is literally all over the city. Anyone in a city could get their hands on fast food in pratical minutes. Even in worksite places fast food is close and is tempting to eat. Who would not want to trade a peanut butter sandwich for a juicy burger and large fries. Also when people are on their way home from having a long, tiring day at work people do not have the time and effort to go home and make a homemade cooked meal. So while they drive through the city they will tend to stop somewhere like KFC or pick up Chinese food and take it home because it is close, fast, and everyone can not resist eating it. To take a case in this point, for example, in Orlando, Florida they have over four hundred and sixty-three fast food restaurants. Per 100,00 residents they have about 196 fast food joints to feed them. So fast food not only markets so well, thus they know where to put the fast food places at too. Around big parts of cities are the most best spots

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