Effects Of Fast Food On Americans

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Twenty years ago, families would sit around the table and have a home cooked meal together. Although today you do see that, it is highly likely to see a family grabbing dinner at the local fast food joint. Over the past ten to twenty years fast food has become very popular because of this it has affected the health of Americans. Some Americans abuse the convenience of fast food to replace it with home cooked meals and family dinners. Although there are some positives to fast food, the health consequence of eating too much fast food outweigh the positives.
One of the ways fast food grabs people’s attention is convenience. Now a days many women and men are in the workforce. Consequently, they do not have enough time to cook and the frequency of getting food to go is increased. The food they pick up usually just comes in a bag and some boxes so the cleanup is easy. They do not have to spend all night washing dishes or cleaning up. With modern life fast food
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Fast food is high in sodium and fat resulting in heart diseases. With over 50% of the United States population being obese or overweight, much of this weight gain comes from not eating properly and eating fast food instead of a home cooked meal. With fast food you are never really aware of what you are putting inside your body. Humans that eat fast food on a regular basis are consuming more calories and fat than they can work off, resulting in major health problems. The nutritional value of fast food is very low and many people will replace vegetables and fruits with fast food. The high amounts of carbohydrates in fast food will result in high blood sugar and if it keeps increasing can lead to diabetes. Not only will fast food affect your physical health but also your mental health. A fast food and junk food diet can make a person feel bloated and crummy. Feeling like this over a long period of time could lead to

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