The Health Benefits Of Healthy Essay

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In the popular mind, valuable nutrition and exercise are respected by society. However, within the past couple of years, some extreme and unhealthy trends have occurred. As a result, the definition of healthy is transformed and begins to misrepresent the textbook facts of nutrition. If we can understand the cause of the altering, we can improve the meaning of nutrition. In fact, I will discuss multiple health movements and rationalize their true health benefits. Within the past century in America, a set of physical ideals that define beauty have continued to adjust. Beginning in 300 B.C. in ancient Greece when women were expected to appear plump with light skin, to the Italian Renaissance where having a full, rounded stomach was considered high-class. As well as the Roaring Twenties where women who had boyish figures and flat chests were praised. Fast forward ten years and the new ideal is in the Golden Age of Marilyn Monroe with her voluptuous curves, small waist and large breasts. The eighties presented us supermodels such as Brooke Shields and Cindy Crawford who had long legs and an athletic build. In the present, women strive for skinny stomachs, large breasts and bottoms, and a gap between their thighs. Even undergoing plastic surgery to achieve these results. In conclusion, the standard of beauty will constantly change, however the science and truth of nutrition and exercise will remain the same. A new “healthy” era has emerged in the United States within the past…

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