The Health And Wellness Journal Workbook Essay

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What is health important? Once “health” is defined, its purpose and importance may be found. Health is being free of sickness or any kind of disease. Wellness is the balance between what the body needs and what it desires. These two terms involve providing the body with the nutrients, exercise, and the care it needs. Wellness also encompasses the mind and body´s health. Clearly, health is substantial. Health fulfills the body´s needs, and allows it to function correctly. Health is the key to support the human body.
Unfortunately, society is full of unhealthy desires for the human body and mind. Nowadays, the effects of alcoholism, drug abuse, and other health issues are majorly identified, but it is possible that non-health related issues also affect the well-being. According to the “Health and Wellness Journal Workbook” every issue is a health issue (pg.2). Global economy is based on social status and consumerism. A person´s well-being depends on what social position he or she is born in. It is not possible to enjoy an enriched meal and receive the nutrients that the body is asking for, if he or she is a low resourced being.
Wellness is defined to be the state of being physically and mentally healthy. When it comes to issues such as discrimination, it is clear that the health of those who are being put down is not ideal. Also, a person who suffered from discrimination or any kind of harassment can end up having health issues and contracting certain diseases whether they…

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