The Harry Potter Series By Joanne Rowling Essay

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The Harry Potter series, written by the British Author Joanne Rowling, is unarguably the most successful series of books of the twenty-first century. After suddenly finding inspiration for her characters on a train, Rowling devoted at least a decade of her life to the lives of the characters she created, and to her readers who waited with bated breath for the announcement of her next novel. It’s hard to believe that a series which was started on the back of a napkin in a cafe became such a success with both children and adults; however, the magical world of Hogwarts School proved itself enticing to an entire generation. Whilst the main focus of the novel is the protagonist Harry Potter’s epic battle to save the Wizarding World from the clutches of the powerful Lord Voldemort, there are other elements to the series which enrich the plot and provide the reader with important moral messages. The Harry Potter series is crafted with a social commentary which reflects the morality of a modern age.
The “Harry Potter” book series is the story of the eponymous hero, the main character, Harry Potter, had been orphaned at birth and had to live through the hard life under the supervision of his relative, the Dursley family of Muggles. At the age of 11, Harry received a letter from Hogwarts, a school for young wizards and witches, and promptly enters a world of wonder and mystery. I met his two most endearing friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, when he enrolled and began to study…

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