The Harmful Effects of Advertising on Society Essay

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In today’s society many people see advertising as harmful in many different ways. With today’s society image is everything, and advertising uses this to their advantage. Advertising uses this as a way to make insecure people buy products they do not need. Many advertisements that are seen today on television, billboards, newspaper, and magazines are indeed harmful to our eyes and brain. Many of them make people feel like crap, that you don't have this car or that house or that body. Advertising is harmful to society because of its limitations on women, it’s fostering of insecurity, and its promotion of materialism/consumerism. Advertisement is harmful to society because it limits women. Women in today’s society are under a lot of …show more content…
This meaning a commercial about soap did not show the product in use like most due, but instead have clean looking people in the commercial about soap to persuade people to purchase that product. Advertising is harmful to society because of the way in utilizes materialism and consumerism. Materialism consists entirely of physical matter that is the sole cause of every possible occurrence, including human thought, feeling, and action. Advertising has two orders of content says Fowls, the first is “The first is the appeal to deep-running drives in the minds of the consumer” (Fowls 541). This meaning that inside advertisements they try to get inside the head of the potential buyer. When Miller says “These visual details imply that Gail is quite a powerful house-wife” (Miller 131). Showing a strong wife inside of the commercial is getting into the head of women. Showing them that they need to be this strong. Advertising uses materialism and consumerism in an inappropriate manner that is bad for society. All though many people think advertising is harmful others think it is good for society. That advertising is what creates the market and the demand for products. Without advertising the potential customer will not get informed about the products available. An expert on advertising said, “Advertising

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