The Harlem Renaissance As A Revival Of African American Art And Literature

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Coming into the Prohibition era, the post-world war country of the United States emerged with new ideas and social changes addressing specifically racial issues. African Americans living in America took this time of resurgence as a way to break through to society and share with the nation the power of black culture. People such as Langston Hughes, famous black author of the 20’s, became known during this time for his unique writing style and topics. Louis Armstrong also broke through as a popular artist at this time and changed the music industry with jazz. The revival time in America, for African Americans especially, later became known as the Harlem Renaissance. It was during the Renaissance that young and old black people spoke out about civil rights through forms of creative writing, artwork and music. The Harlem Renaissance manifested as a revival of African American art and literature; as the talent and community spread, so did the influential people and ideas, creating a movement that impacted the world. At the outset of the Renaissance, African Americans flowed North, bearing their talents with them in the Great Migration. With new job opportunities influenced by the World War thousands of African Americans found themselves living in the Northern States of America during the 1920’s. Benson, Brannen, and Valentine’s article titled, “Great Migration,” stated that, “World War I (1914–18) reduced immigration to the United States, and immigration laws passed in the1920s…

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